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Click Fraud Detection: You Don't Need It If You Want to Lag Behind


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How would you react if I told you that 20% of your marketing budget is flushed down the toilet because of fraudulent clicks? This is the number defined by e-commerce marketing experts today, and this number is a bit threatening unless you are able to protect your website with TEA Software.

Unfortunately, many experts claim that the number is even bigger, and that 20% is just a humble number. According to Bloomberg, click fraud is what makes the Internet rotten. Can you believe this?

How would you react if I told you that in some cases click fraud rate can reach 60% if networks of bots or click farms are involved. In other words, click fraud can eat all your budget in one day if you ignore click fraud monitoring software installation.

At the same time, marketing specialists agree that PPC is one of the most effective methods of online business promotion which brings targeted traffic to the site. PPC can rise conversion really fast. More than that, PPC improves the visibility of the website in the SERP, which ultimately contributes to the growth of the conversion.

Today, absolutely all business use Google AdWords services to run PPC campaigns.You can't ignore PPC as well that is why you need to think about click fraud detection with the help of click fraud monitoring software.

Why You Need Click Fraud Monitoring Software Today

Unfortunately, modern advertisers are in no way immune to click fraud performed by competitors who can sink their websites in several days.Click fraud is becoming one of the most serious problems for Internet marketers today. And you, if you have a website, is not the exception, I am sure of that.

But you need to understand that the danger of click fraud is not about false clicks only, it is also about false data on ad impressions which causes even greater financial damage to the advertiser.

That is why it is so important to understand what exactly click fraud is. In a nutshell, this is a method of unfair competition in which competitors commit a number of fraudulent clicks on ads.

The main purpose is to exhaust the advertising budget of competitors, whose ads win more profitable positions in google search . By developing special click fraud programs, or by hiring people to perform "manual clicking," competing companies aim to drain the advertiser's daily budget even before the ad is shown to potential customers.

Keep an Eye on Competitors

If you suspect that your competitors use black hats methods, you should make click fraud detection a routine. If you don't have enough time for that, you should rely on click fraud monitoring software.

Ideally, PPC presupposes paying for organic clicks, but unfair competitors have learned to use bot networks to gather information about competitors' campaigns. After that, based on the data received, hackers can start a click fraud attack designed to significantly increase the costs of an advertiser who suspect nothing and neglects click fraud detection.

detect click fraud

As a result, the company which invested in advertising, sees that the number of referrals in the ads in the ads on the site has increased dramatically, but the expected peak of conversions and does not happen.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to eradicate the problem today completely. However, with several simple pieces of advice, you can minimize losses from click fraud.

click fraud

So, Where Do We Start with Click Fraud Detection?

  • It is important to select your keywords carefully every time you launch a PPC campaign. Selecting different keywords with each new launch of the advertising campaign is as important as click fraud detection itself. If the advertiser's goal is to get the maximum from the campaign, it makes sense to place a bet only on the most relevant keywords that reflect the specifics of the business and the target audience.

  • Using highly competitive keywords allows you to generate more traffic to the site and get real clicks. However, you should also check the statistics or use click fraud monitoring software to make sure your clicks are not made by bots. Besides, when creating a context advertising campaign, it makes sense to use a tool such as Google Keyword Planner.

  • Do not neglect tracking users behavior. There is a rule: the identification of click fraud is the first step to minimizing the potential loss of the advertiser. If a business owner wants to identify fraudulent clicks, he should develop the habit of keeping track of statistics for all ongoing PPC campaigns. In case of a sharp increase in clicks, these data will help to recognize click fraud and install click fraud monitoring software in time.

  • Google AdWords customers can start each time by checking the Dimensions tab. Here you can get all the key information about the frequency of ad impressions, coverage and degree of penetration of advertising among the target audience. Such measurements will make it possible to reveal the channels of the majority of clicks. For example, in the report, you can see information about the IP address and browsers of users. On the basis of these data, we can conclude whether the resource has become a victim of click fraud. Subsequently, the business owner can enter all unwanted IP-addresses in the blacklist.

  • Alternatively, you can try to match the number of clicks on ads with the daily bounce rate. This method is no less effective for detecting invalid clicks.

  • It is important to establish fixed budgets for each advertising campaign. After the list of keywords for the company is fully formed, you can develop a clear strategy for setting bids and fixing the advertising budget for it. If a business owner comes to a new topic for himself, he will have to spend some time, as well as resources to study the specifics, before getting the long-awaited clicks on the ad. Typically, the number of clicks in this situation will depend entirely on the effectiveness of the keywords selection.

  • Another good solution, which minimizes the risk of click fraud attack is setting the highest possible CPC bids. Such an approach will prevent sudden overrun of the budget. It also makes sense to set the maximum daily budgets for advertising when paying for a click. This approach will not allow the advertiser to exceed the acceptable daily limits.

  • But nothing is as effective for you as installing click fraud monitoring software. It will spare you of all the difficulties and of all the manual work. More than that, software will deal with click fraud faster and much more efficiently. The thing is bots are basically a script or a program, and in order to neutralize this threat you need another script or a program. Only software is capable of analyzing behavior patterns of website users. Everything users do is detected: the way they move a mouse, the way they watch video ads and other actions. All the bots are spotted easily and blocked for good automatically. You see, software does the work you can do much faster and much thoroughly.

With this tips click fraud detection won't seem as exhausting for you as before. Now you have a dozen of options and you can deal with it effortlessly.

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